The Internet has become a one of the Most Important Part of our Life. We spend a lot of time on the Internet For different Purposes such as Entertainment, to Learn Something New, etc. I think Websites plays Important Part when it comes to Learn Something new or any other purposes. Here’re Top 15 Websites which will help you to Learn Something, Make your Work easy, etc.

1. Vectr
Vectr Is a Free Vector Graphics Software, which will help you to create vector graphics easily. It’s Quick and Easy to Learn tool for Graphics. This website will lets you share Link/URL of Your Work. If You’re into Graphics world, then You should definitely check it out.

2.Free Online OCR-Convert PDF to Word or image or text
Online OCR Is a Free Online OCR Service. It will help you to convert Your PDF into Word Format or Image or Text Format. It Supports up to 46 Languages. You can Upload Up to 15MB Of File Size.

Are You One of them, Who always wants to Learn Different Languages? If Yes, Here’s a Website For You.
Duolingo is a free website, where you can learn different languages in the easiest way. Duolingo offers 95 different language courses in 38 languages.
4.Internet Archive
Internet archive is a non-profit digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more. It contains 300billion Webpages, 20millions Books and texts, 4.5million audio recordings,3million images and a Lot More.

5.Screenshot Guru
Screenshot Guru will help you to take High-Resolution Screenshots Of Websites, Tweets, etc. You Just need to Provide URL of Webpage.
6. Remove Background
We use Different apps to Remove Background of our Photos and it takes time. Right?
Here’s a Solution, Remove bg Website will lets you to Remove Background of Your Photo Automatically. You don’t need to select and all, You Just have to Upload Your Photo and website will automatically Remove Background.

7.Resume Maker Online
Resume Maker Online is a Free Website that will help you to create and Design your resume free. It will Provide you Format, You Just need to Fill up Your Details and Done! You can simply download your Resume in PDF Format.

If You’re Feeling Lazy to Type Your Long Assignments or any other things. Here’s a website for You. This website will automatically Type, whatever You Speak. It can Type it with Your Voice.

I’m sure many of you already know about this website. W3Schools is a website that will help you to Learn about Different Programming Languages Such as JAVA, Python, C++, etc. The Website has Tutorials for each language. You can also Practice examples live and Solve Exercises.

We need Diagrams, Flow-charts, etc For Our Presentations. This Website will lets you create Flowcharts, Diagrams, etc. 

11. Pixabay
If You’re a Content Creator then I’m Sure You’re About DMCA Notice and all. Here’s A solution for it.
Pixabay is a Website, From where you can download High-Quality Copy-right Free Images, Videos, Music, etc.

12.PDF Drive
 PDF Drive is a Website that will allow you to Download Millions of Books, Tutorials, etc In PDF Format. It’s totally Free Website.

Sometimes, We want to share Message, Which can be destroyed at a particular time. This Website will let you do this. You can simply send a message for a particular time and message will be destroyed after that time.

14. Kapwing
Kapwing Website will help you to create content in the form of Images, Videos and GIFs. Nowadays, Memes are getting popular on Social Media platforms. With the help of this website, You can Simply create Memes and Make People laugh.

15. Supercook
This Website will help you to Cook, I mean It will Provide Recipes. So, What’s Special About it?
Well, With the help of this Website, You can Cook From Ingredients that are available in your Kitchen.
You Just have to add Ingredients in Website then the website will show you Different Dishes that can be made by Your Ingredients.

Visit the Website                                                                 
16.Bonus Website- AlternativeTo
AlternativeTo is a Website that will help you find Alternative apps and software for Windows, Mac, Android, etc.
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