There is no denying to the fact that the Internet plays a significant role in our day to day life. And in recent time, We can’t even imagine our life without the Internet. All sorts of work and activities can be done with the help of the Internet. The Internet is an integral part of our lives and any interruption in that might be extremely annoying for anyone. If you’re Someone who has been facing Slow Internet Speed or Connection, here are some tips for you to Boost up your Internet Speed.

1.Delete Unused Apps & Widgets
We are often habituated to download several Apps on our Smartphones. These Unused Apps use Our Mobile Data in Background, so it is better to Uninstall Unused Apps or Disable them.
Talking about widgets, Some widgets such as Weather, Music Apps widgets, etc constantly runs in the background and use data. So, use only Important widgets in Your Smartphone.
2. Clear the cache files
Sometimes, the Internet Speed in Smartphone gets slow or poor due to the filling up of the cache memory in the smartphones after accessing various websites and installing the different apps on the phone.
So, It is Important to Clear Cache Memory in your Smartphones. It will also help to Increase overall Performance of Your Device.
3. Use the Lite Apps
Almost Everyone of us Use Full Version of Social Media Apps and It takes a lot of Your Mobile data In Background also. We have the lite version of Almost Every App and it’ll provide almost every features of Main App. So, if it is possible, then you can Use Lite Apps In Your Smartphones.
4. Use the Adblocker Apps
If You Search “Adblocker” on Playstore, You’ll find tons of Adblocker Apps. Download and Install any App from Playstore, but just make sure that It is having good Ratings & Reviews. Basically, these Apps Blocks the Ads on any Site. Personally, I won’t Suggest Use of Adblocker Apps, because it might affect on revenue of Content Creator.
5. Turn off Auto-Sync
Syncing keeps tracking your Activities and Store them. So, Turn off Auto-Sync also can be Helpful to Increase your Mobile Data Speed. Of course, You can Manually Sync Your Photos and other Files whenever You have wifi available.
6.Tips for Jio-Users
I’m Using Jio Internet and I found these tricks helpful, You just have to add Access Point. Follow the mentioned steps:
Settings⇾Mobile Networks⇾Jio⇾Access Point Names⇾ +New APN [ Name- Jio 4G LTE Network, APN- Jionet, APN Protocol- select IPv4/IPv6]⇾ Save 
If You want to increase Upload Speed In Your Smartphone, then Call from your Jio Number to another Jio Number. This trick works Sometimes.
7. Make Use of Android Apps
There are Some Apps on Playstore, which Might help you to Increase Your Mobile Internet Speed. But this trick is Like Hit & Miss, Sometimes It works, Sometimes It doesn’t. Here’re Two Apps from my side.
8. Other Tips
Sometimes Just Refreshing Network of our Smartphones can also help in Increase Mobile Internet Speed.
⇾ Restart Your Smartphone
⇾ Change Location
⇾ Reset Network Settings in your Smartphone
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