The keyboard is one of the Most Used App in our Smartphones on a daily basis. We have lots of different keyboard apps available on the Playstore. But I think Gboard is one of the easiest and smartest keyboard app. Gboard app offers lots of Useful Features and Customisations. In this article, I am going to share 15 Gboard tips and trick that you may don’t know about.

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1. Translation on the go

As we know, Google is already an industry leader in translation with its own Google Translate. With the help of this feature, you can translate words and sentences in real-time. and what’s great about this feature is that it lets you choose both the source language and the target language. 

Whenever you want to translate something, Just tap on the translation option on the suggestion strip and select the language you want to convert to. Gboard will automatically detect which language you are typing in and translated into the language you have selected.

2. Easy Google search & Delete Browsing History 

One of the most useful feature of the Gboard is that you can simply do a google search by just taping the “G’ Icon. You can find links to nearby shops, restaurants, ATMs, etc and share it with your friends within seconds. This feature is also helpful for searching Pin-codes, etc.

Gboard shows your last 3 searched tabs for quick access. but at times showing your searches can be quite embarrassing when someone uses your phone because Keyboard is the most common thing used by anyone while using your phone.

Well, Gboard lets you delete your Browsing History by long-pressing the searches.

3. Type with Your Voice

Gboard will lets you Type with your Voice. and it’s pretty accurate when it comes to English typing. However, I didn’t find it that accurate, when it comes to other languages, it’s hard to rely on it.

To use this feature, You just have to Enable the Voice Typing from your Gboard settings.

4. Delete words and Sentences with a Swipe

The Delete button works fine if you want to delete a few letters. But let say you want to delete whole sentence or multiple words, this swipe feature comes to handy. You can simply Swipe left from the delete button to select and delete the words.

To use this feature, you have to enable one option in your Gboard settings. Go to Gboard settings> Glide typing> Enable gesture delete

5. Glide Typing

Not everyone uses this feature, But personally, I am using a lot. You can simply type anything you want by swiping through the letters on your keyboard. It will take time to get used to it but once you get used to it, It will take your typing experience to another level. To use this feature, Just enable the Glide typing option in Your Gboard settings.

6. One-handed Mode

With time, Now Smartphones sizes are getting bigger and bigger. Now, we have almost 7-inches smartphones. it’s not easy to reach every corner of the keyboard while typing in such a big phone. The One-handed mode of the Gboard can come to the rescue in such situation.

To use this feature, Just Long press the Enter key on your keyboard, you should be getting a toggle for One-handed mode.

7. Undo Accidental erasing 

there are many times where we accidentally delete more than we needed. This small feature of Gboard can help in these situations. Just after deleting the word or sentence, You will see the deleted part in the suggested area, just tap the words and it will undo your delete action. 

8. Delete Unwanted Suggestions

Google learns from your typing behaviour and it will suggest words according to your typing habit. but sometimes it learns wrong spelling and starts suggesting them. So, in such situations, You can simply Delete the suggestion by long Pressing them. In case you want to delete all the words google learnt from you, go to Gboard Settings> Advanced> Delete learned Words and data. but keep in mind that you can’t undo this action.

9. Interesting Emojis and GIFs on the go

Gboard lets you search Emojis and GIFs, which means there is no need to find emojis and gifs on any third party app. You just have to type, which kind of emoji or Gif you want. You can search with words like Birthday, Happy, etc.

Gboard also lets you send two different reactions or emotions in one emoji. 

10. Quick Fractions

It is not that easy to type fractions or indexes for a number with any keyboard. But with the help of Gboard, you can do it easily. You just have to long-press on numbers, it will automatically pops out the fraction choices. these such small features make it Gboard as a perfect keyboard app.

11. Easy Text-editing

With the Dedicated Text-editing mode, Gboard makes it very easy to edit text. By just taping Text-editing mode toggle, you can simply Move, Select, Copy, Paste and Cut the text.

12. Personal Dictionary

It’s quite irritating to type our address, email address, Contact Number, etc. Well not anymore. You can save your Data such as Adress, Email address, etc in Gboard. It will automatically suggest your address or any other thing, whenever you need it.

Go to Gboard settings> Dictionary 

13. Easy switch B/W Languages & Handwriting Facility 

Gboard definitely has the support of lots of Languages. This feature is helpful for the people who frequently switch between languages. For this, You just have to long-press the Space Button and select Language.

Apart from Language support, Gboard also has Handwriting facility. It is really efficient in recognizing the words accurately and you can write a lot faster.

14. Gesture Cursor Control

Gboard also has support for Gesture Cursor control, Which means you can use space bar move the cursor Back, Forward and place the Cursor wherever you want.

To enable this feature, Go to Gboard Settings> Glide Typing> Gesture Cursor Control

15. You can Stop Sharing your Data with Google Servers

There are some people who may don’t like the fact that Google is tracking their Data. Well, Gboard lets people decide for themselves. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to share your data with Google servers, You can simply head over to Gboard Settings> Advanced> and Turn off ” Share Usage Statistics”, “Personalisation” and “Improve Gboard” Options. But also keep in mind that features related to suggestions won’t work accurately like before.

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