Last Year, Android 10 brings lots of Important features to smartphones. This Year. In Mid-February Google released a First developer preview for Android 11. The second preview Comes in March and third Preview in April. Now On June 11th, Google released the First Android 11 beta, Which brings some cool features. Here are Some Features that may Android 11 brings to our Smartphones.

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1.Notification Panel
With Android 11, Google is trying to make easier for users to Reply via Notification shade, There is no longer need Open an App to Reply particular Message. The Notification panel Now also Supports Copy-paste Support, Which means User can Copy Image from Google and Direct Paste it into the reply section of Notification Panel.
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2.Chat Bubbles
Do You Remember that Facebook Messenger Chat Sticker? With Android 11, Google Is also trying to bring this feature. As of now, It Only Works in Google messages, but Hopefully, with the stable update, we will get Support of other apps too.

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3.Improved Permissions
Giving App Permissions of your smartphone should not be taken lightly. .With Every Update, Google has been making Android more secure. With Android 11, Google has made App permissions even more strict. Now Google has Removed “Always Allow” Option, and Added a Options such as “Only this time”, “Ask every time”, etc.
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4.Native Screen-recorder
With Android 11, Google finally brings Built-In Screen recorder. Native Screen recorder can access by the Quick toggle In Notification panel.there’s also Notification for Stop, Pause or Cancel the Screen record. As of now, there is no option for Changing resolution, Internal audio recording. Hopefully, these features will be Comes in Final Stable Update.
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5.Scheduled Dark mode
We got a Dark mode In Android 10 last year, but there is No Option Available to schedule Dark Mode. With Android 11, Google also brings the Option for Scheduled Dark mode.

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6.Other Features
Apart from All of that, Google Also brings Some other Features such as.
→Pin Apps in the share Menu
→5G ready Android
→Improved DND
→Gesture settings
→Battery share
Pixel 4 Exclusive Features:
→Increase Touch Sensitivity
→Soli Gestures for Music
And A Lot More!..

Here’s the Android 11 Timeline:

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